Discovering God’s Love

Simple Steps to Developing: Emotional Resilience,
Powerful Faith, and the Freedom to Be Love.

Discovering God’s Love begins when a believer decides to discover God.

Below is an except from the Book. Many of these concepts are detailed in this book along
with practical ways for every believer to step into God’s fulfilling purposes.


DGL-3d-cover‘This mindset of always having access to God, His presence, and His love, is the mind of a son. It is the way that Jesus thought. A son does not look for dictates from his king. A son desires to be just like his Father. A son wants the ways of God, not the commands of God. Because a son looks and acts just like his Father, he will have no problem doing his Father’s will.

It truly is of no effort for a son to receive from his Father. When we struggle to receive, it is because we are still looking at God from the perspective of a servant or slave. As you hear Him speak, He will wash your mind of every dark perspective and every punishing fear. When you know God, you truly know freedom.

We must come to the place where we love who we are, agreeing with God’s words about us. This is a place of security in God’s acceptance of us, where we have become willing to display our whole heart even if others try to reject us. My confidence had become: “I know His smile remains over me.” Yes, it remains, it is constant. I can never outrun or un-earn His loving smile. Why? Because I am His son; because I keep coming to Him.

When we believe that we are worth more than what our fears have screamed in our ears, then we will display the fullness that God has created in us.

“Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.”(Psalms 34:5 NLT)’

You too can discover the fullness of God’s love for you. You can walk in freedom. You can experience powerful faith. You can know God. The path is simple. Let me show you in this short book how easy it is to discover God’s love every day.

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