2015, 11-17 I Am Your Success

I want to talk to you about reigning. So often you feel like you have to struggle to succeed. This makes you not the victor, but the orphan, having to survive on his own. To reign as My son, you must see yourself as supported by Me and My love. Success is not something that alludes you. Success is what I give. Will you fight to gain? Why, when I desire to give freely? If I hand you success, will you then choose to fight to gain it? See, this is not the mind of abiding.

I have chosen to hand you My success. I have established My ways within you and they always produce My success. This is My voice that produces righteousness. Here is My word of success over your life that guarantees that you are the victor: “You are My SON!” I stand with you in the fight. I Am your strength. Have I not said that a thousand will fall at you side but it will not come near you? See I Am your source.

Look up My son. I Am your source. Look up and see My face. I Am your success. Look up and see My delight. I Am your guarantee. Look up and enjoy My love.

This is your way to live. Can a man live with his nose in his phone, never seeing the world around him? Can he walk to his destination with his attention diverted to a different world? But I say that you can overcome this world with your attention focused only on Me. I say that you can walk into your destiny by merely keeping your gaze only on Me. See, I Am your destiny. I Am your beginning and end. You do not have to finish what I start. Your part is to see Me. This is your way. Have I not said that I would CAUSE you to walk in My ways. Look us and I will direct you paths. This is My way in you.

I Am not interested in if you are seen by men. I Am not interested in if you are heard by men’s ears. I desire that you shine with My glory. I desire that you be the expression of My goodness on the earth. I want you to radiate all of Me. This matters to Me. Even is no one ever notices. I will notice and rejoice over you for allowing My image to come to the earth once again. Will you allow Me to cover you with My glory? Will you be nobody in the eyes of men so that you can be My reflection? Even if every one rejects the answer I give, I want you to be My answer.

I Am your source. Even for entertainment, I Am your source. Even for approval, or comfort, or whatever the hunger is, I Am your source. Are you willing to be a voice that is rejected? Are you willing to wear Me? I know that you are, for I hear the yes and the longing in your heart. I know that I Am speaking to what you heart has been seeking to see. You are My son. You do look like Me.

Psalms 61 

Hear my cry, O God;
Attend to my prayer.
From the end of the earth I will cry to You,
When my heart is overwhelmed;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

For You have been a shelter for me,
A strong tower from the enemy.
I will abide in Your tabernacle forever;
I will trust in the shelter of Your wings. Selah

For You, O God, have heard my vows;
You have given me the heritage of those who fear Your name.
You will prolong the king’s life,
His years as many generations.
He shall abide before God forever.
Oh, prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him!

So I will sing praise to Your name forever,
That I may daily perform my vows.

2015, 11-10 You are the victor

I have a word for you, victor.

You carry My essence of victory. I have made you My victor. From this place, you can release great victory and teach the lifestyle of victory. Have I not made you a teacher? I have declared this over you. It doesn’t matter how many choose to listen. The world teaches that if no one is following you then you are not a leader. You associate this error with teachers also. I see and declare beyond what the world can recognize. I declare into existence. Much of My revelation was never received in its time. Think of how often Jesus and My prophets were rejected. You have chosen to listen to Me and make Me the most important thing. This make you a most trusted son. I can trust you to follow My lead. You have not missed a step. I have made you a victor.

Realize that you are an overcomer, it is in your DNA. You are not set to struggle in your life, this is a lie. You are more then a survivor. I have made you the victor. Regardless what life puts in your way, you cannot help but find a way to come out on top. You are the victor. Victory is your inheritance. It is your birthright. All of heaven moves to release it around you. You are not alone. You are the captain of My hosts. I trust you to find victory for others. You are the revealer of victory.

Can you not see how often you uncover victory for those around you? Can you not see how regularly you overcome circumstance for yourself, for those you lead, and those you help. You are the victor. This is your definition. One of many I have mantled you with. It is why you so excel in inner-healing ministry. You are the victor. You have this anointing for every area of your life. It is your calling and your trust. You release others into your victory and into their own.

This is your true destiny. The revealer of the paths of victory. Why? Because you know the power of faith built on intimacy rather then experience. I love you Son. Son by title, position, authority and Love. I will watch over your victories so that they will never spoil. I will make certain of your success. I Am invested in you My son. I Am invested in seeing you become the one who sets My people free. I Am invested in seeing you reveal the paths to victory so that all My Sons can carry the Mantle of Victor.

2015, 10-24 I love even without faith

I have you, even when pain tells you different. I choose to move on your behalf, even when faith is hard to grasp. I will not leave you. I will not leave you. I have chosen you to be mine. This choice does not change when you fail in faith. It does not change when your heart is far from me. It does not change when you fall. You are My choice. I Am happy with this choice. I comfort you and love you regardless of your choices. I minister to you and pour My love upon you regardless of your choices. Do you believe that I Am near even when you falter in faith? Do you believe that I continue to love and help even when you don’t have faith for a miracle? Do you believe that I do love? I will show you My love. I enjoy revealing it to you. It is best revealed to you when you doubt it. But, when you believe it, then you can be the revealer. Here is My hand. With it I will hold you close. Here is My heart. I have opened it for you. Watch and see that I Am for you.

Quiet Time 8-6-14

“Do not worry for I have you in My hand. I’ve got you. I will not let you fail. Don’t you know that I have planned out your life? I know you’re in a doldrum, but I Am here in the midst to reveal Myself to you. I Am calling you to Myself, that you may be My own special one. I Am calling you to My singularity.

“I have searched your heart and found much treasure there, treasure for the nations. I have not forgotten you, nor forsaken you. You are Mine. You have My eyes. You have My heart. You see with clarity the value of My children. I delight in you, for we are one, you and I. I see Myself in you. You are beautiful to Me. I will lift you higher than you dare to imagine, because you delight in Me. Take My hand and I will lead you.

“Thank you for coming and being Mine. Thank you for valuing My voice and My touch. Thank you for wanting to give Me away. Thank you for loving righteousness.

“I Am calling you to the highest places in Me. No longer be afraid to come to Me. No longer be afraid to delight and Me, for I delight in you. Can you feel the dance I Am calling you to? I give you My Son and now I make you My son. You are Mine. I will glorify My Own.”

John 14:22-23 NKJV
[22] Judas (not Iscariot) said to Him, “Lord, how is it that You will manifest Yourself to us, and not to the world?” [23] Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.

Revelation 3:20 NKJV
[20] Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.

***A Quiet Time is where I set aside time to ask God to speak and just write whatever comes in my head; no filtering; no discerning; just writing. I discern it after I finish, but often there is no need because God is faithful.***

Quiet Time 1-27-14

The Lord say, “You don’t have to have the answers. Keep your eyes on me and I will show you. Remember the phrase, ‘I only do what I see my Father doing.’ See how simple decisions can be when you are in Me? I know that you can only do what you understand. Keep looking and you will understand for I will make your way smooth, if you keep looking to Me. I know you are worried about failing, but I am your success. I gave you your ministry. I will raise you up in My time. Worry means that you doubt Me, and then, I am not Lord over the situation. Have I not called you? Than, I will prepare your way. It is not your way but My way for you. Look at Me and your way will open before you. Look at Me and the path will be lit. Have I not called you? I am yours, do not fear I am for you.”

Your will is that I see You, and that my looking is of faith and not through fear. This is the answer to my problem, that I see You. I divorce myself form worry to be content with Your face. You are what I need.

A guide to Supernatural Power

20110410-095823.jpg1. Salvation
2. Baptisms – water and Holy Spirit baptism
3. Learn to hear the voice of God clearly and consistently
4. Discover God’s love for you
5. Let God speak to any fears He reveals that has separate you from Him
6. Let Him show you your new identity
7. Prophetic Bible Study – Learn His thoughts and His ways
8. Learn to rest/live in His love and presence
9. Learn to release His love and presence
10. Practice, practice, practice faith
11. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you everything, even from your failures

Not necessarily all in this order.

Love is the Answer.

Love is the Answer 12-2-11
Paul, I know you are afraid, give me your fears. I love you so much! I see how fear keeps you from receiving from me. Remember so long ago when you where on that bus? Satan, at that time used fear to try and stop you from walking in the Power of the Spirit. He was actually scared of you because he knew that when the man who was possessed tossed the satanic symbol necklace; Satan had lost him. The man knew that God Almighty was the real power. Satan is full of fear that’s why he uses it so much on my people. Fear is all Satan has! Do you hear me Paul? Paul I am asking please don’t worry. Once you come to realize your true identity in me all your fear will diminish. You will feel as free and as powerful as you did in the flying dream I gave you.
I now ask you. “Is it a coincidence that Clark Kent flew over the handle bars of his motorcycle just like you did in your dream”? “And when he did he got a taste of his true Identity just as you got a taste of yours”? Yes, one day you will be awakened and hear me. Then everything will change! I love you Paul let that sink into your Spirit. I love you, for you. I love you, you have such great potential. Take a look at the word potential in the dictionary and see what I see. The rest is up to you. I love you now and forever.
Sincerely, Your Heavenly Father.
p.s. I can wait you are worth it.

God fights for me

“Father God fights for me”11-17-11
I feel a need to proclaim what happened during this particular quiet time. You see I have had struggles with addictions. But on this day, I chose to submit myself to God instead of going head long into my addiction as I have always done in the past. What you are about to read is what happened when I chose to go to my Father in Heaven when I was being tempted. All I did was allowed God Almighty to speak and this is what He did for me! What you are going to be reading is God fighting for me in my quiet time where I chose to sit before Him, and listen.

Awesome Paul, you are awesome you just chose to draw nigh to me when you have been tempted! You are going to be ok! I can touch the hurt that wants you to go into your addiction. Right now say out loud “ I release all of my cares to you God” Ok, now say out loud “fill me with your love” Good, now be still for a moment. Ok, say it all again out loud, ok good. Now say it again. Awesome!! I told you I was going to deliver you. I love you Paul. I love you receive it now and be filled!!! Now ask me to cleanse your mind!! Ask me to fill your mind with my love. Ask me to heal your heart!! Ask me to fill your heart with my love. Now, Paul this is not a formula, but me doing battle for you. And I say “away Satan; Paul Morehouse is my Son, and you have no right to be here, now be gone” for I God Almighty have spoken on my Sons behalf!!!
Now Paul you say “no more in the name of my Heavenly Fathers Son Jesus Christ!” Paul I, Jesus my Son, and Holy Spirit stand this day and say “no more you belong to Us and We are yours and you are Ours!!!” Paul we love you, we love you!
Love: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
p.s. now rest Son rest.

No More Identity theft.

5-16-11 “My Identity”
Paul, you are my Son whom I love. You focus on all the mistakes, but I say STOP. Don’t be afraid. I see a man a great warrior who has no fear. I see a ruler, not one who is ruled. I see love my love in you. (You have a heart that is able to receive my love.) Yes, I see a porcupine, you are a porcupine to the enemy, and he knows you are protected by me and that you can hurt him, if he gets to close. He is upset you asked me who you are. I see a man who is not afraid to tell people the truth my truth. I see a man who is in Hot pursuit of me, and willing to do whatever it takes to catch me. I see a man who has hope. I see a man who will leave a legacy, even as my Son Jesus did. I see royalty. I see a man who won’t settle or seek for the approval of man, but who comes into the Throne room and is not afraid to “hear” from me His Heavenly Father. I see courage, the kind of courage that inspires men. I see a boldness that will change History. You have potential Son, you have potential. You aren’t afraid to hear the truth of a matter. You are perfect and unique no one else is or will be like you, ever! I love you. You can walk where others are afraid to walk, you carry my anointing. (You will learn to carry my presence, and others will come and learn of my ways through you.
Share this with no one till I say so. I trust you because I know you are trustworthy. I have created all of these people, places and things just for you. (Do you See?) This is a secret, and only those who know me intimately will understand. I have made you a king of kings, now do you know who you are? Soon you will see what I see, use it wisely, for it is for my Glory. You r my child Paul, you are my child, know this and you will ask no man “who am I.” See what I see, hear what I hear taste what I taste. You are my revelation, to be revealed, (stay humble.) Be patient and follow me for I am your future, past, and present. I love you. (You are one of my best kept secrets.)
Love, Father God
P.S. Thanks for asking me directly, and not being afraid.

Going beyond…

Paul Morehouse

5-9-11 going beyond..

Paul, my Son it is my desire that you have life and have it more abundantly.  The so called welding test is just that a test to see if you will allow me to take you beyond what your mind says you are capable of.  I pray that you will refuse to allow your mind to set limits for you.  I want you to come to a place where you trust me so much that you will say ok, “God you decide how far I go and how far I soar”.  Paul, wait on me and see what happens quit trying to do the impossible in your own strength, but allow me to be your strength. 

  I hold the past, present, and future so quit worrying and trust in me, not in your own strength and knowledge of what you think u-know.  Yes, my people think they know it all, but will they listen and hear the truth of a matter?  The Truth is beyond what u-think u- know.  Let me take you beyond, be in my presence and you will go beyond the limitations of man.  Just trust me with your past, present, and future.  There will be no telling how far you can go beyond!  I am in the beyond, so quit looking for me in the behind.  Look up for your redemption draws nigh.   Let me be “everything” and all that is beyond.

  Love God, your heavenly Father