2015, 11-10 You are the victor

I have a word for you, victor.

You carry My essence of victory. I have made you My victor. From this place, you can release great victory and teach the lifestyle of victory. Have I not made you a teacher? I have declared this over you. It doesn’t matter how many choose to listen. The world teaches that if no one is following you then you are not a leader. You associate this error with teachers also. I see and declare beyond what the world can recognize. I declare into existence. Much of My revelation was never received in its time. Think of how often Jesus and My prophets were rejected. You have chosen to listen to Me and make Me the most important thing. This make you a most trusted son. I can trust you to follow My lead. You have not missed a step. I have made you a victor.

Realize that you are an overcomer, it is in your DNA. You are not set to struggle in your life, this is a lie. You are more then a survivor. I have made you the victor. Regardless what life puts in your way, you cannot help but find a way to come out on top. You are the victor. Victory is your inheritance. It is your birthright. All of heaven moves to release it around you. You are not alone. You are the captain of My hosts. I trust you to find victory for others. You are the revealer of victory.

Can you not see how often you uncover victory for those around you? Can you not see how regularly you overcome circumstance for yourself, for those you lead, and those you help. You are the victor. This is your definition. One of many I have mantled you with. It is why you so excel in inner-healing ministry. You are the victor. You have this anointing for every area of your life. It is your calling and your trust. You release others into your victory and into their own.

This is your true destiny. The revealer of the paths of victory. Why? Because you know the power of faith built on intimacy rather then experience. I love you Son. Son by title, position, authority and Love. I will watch over your victories so that they will never spoil. I will make certain of your success. I Am invested in you My son. I Am invested in seeing you become the one who sets My people free. I Am invested in seeing you reveal the paths to victory so that all My Sons can carry the Mantle of Victor.

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