About innerHouse Designs

innerHouse Designs has over ten years of experience working with PHP, WordPress and design, you can count on us to help you overcome any hurtle to realize your vision. Our design staff specializes in creating customized designs based on your vision. You can trust that we will continue to work until you like the design. That is our dedication, to make certain you love your website.

We employ experienced coders who know, php, csc, html and javascript – to give your site power and flexibility. Jason, the owner, started out designing websites by coding huge backoffices for every website. His system to maintain websites is still being used by many businesses in the area. The php backoffice he designed in many ways resembles WordPress in that content, pages and menus can be fully managed by the owners of that system. When one prominate business owner was asked if he wanted to switch to WordPress, he responded by saying, “We are not yet fully utilizing the power in the system you already built for us.” This is the level of expertise found at innerHouse Designs.


Jason, along with his wife Kimberly also run a local ministry called innerHouse Ministries which desires to empower Christians everywhere to discover how intimate a relationship with God can be. To find our more about innerHouse Ministries, click the link above.

innerHouse Ministries is a ministry run by Jason and Kimberly Martin and is overseen by Kingdom Expansion Ministries, run by Kevin and Deborah Martin.

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